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The National symbols of Bhutan:

The National Flag: The upper yellow half of Bhutanís flag signifies the secular authority of the King. It is the colour of fruitful action, both in religious and state matters. The orange half o the flag denotes the religious practice and spiritual power of Buddhism as it is manifested in the Kagyupa and Nyingmapa sects, the historic springs of the Bhutanese faith. The dragon honours the peopleís name for their country: Druk Yul, Lan dof the Thunder Dragon. Its colour, the white of purity expresses the loyalty of the countryís many racial and linguistic groups. The dragonís snarling mouth expresses the stern strngth of the male and female deities protecting Bhutan, the jewels it claps in its claws are symbols of the landís wealth and perfection.

National Flower - Blue Poppy
National Bird - Raven
National Tree - Cypress
National Animal - Takin

The National Emblem: The symbol of the sacred jewel at the top of the royal crest significes the Buddhist Sovereign is raised supreme above all heads, in the compassionate form of the triple gem. The crossed Vajras (diamond scepters) in the center represent the harmony between the noable and ancient customs of spiritual and secular law and modern power and authority. The qualities essential for harmony flow naturally and imperceptibly from the spiritual essence of the Vajra. The male and female turquoise thunder symbolize the name of the Kingdom: Druk Yul, Druk means thunder dragon, yul mans land. The thunder of summer storms like a dragonís roar reverberates across mountains and valley speaking of the countryís glory.

The National Anthem:
In the Thunder Dragon Kingdom
Adorned with Sandalwood
The protector who guards the
Teachings of the dual system,
He, the precious and the glorious ruler,
Causes dominion to spread
While his unchanging person
Abides in constancy
As the dharma of Lord Buddha flourishes
May the sun of peace and happiness
Shine on the people.

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